Playwright: José Casas

Scenic Designer: Brittany Schloskey

Sound Designer: Henry Reynolds and Marty Flake

Projection Designer: David Forsee

 Director: Dexter Singleton

Costume Designer: Sophie Raymer

Lighting Designer: Sam Weiser

Stage Manager: Elaina Veasey

Flint is a new play written by a professor at my university, José Casas. The show is stylized very similar to The Laramie Project in which the play is primarily a series of monologues based on interviews that José conducted with citizens from Flint. Being a new play, the show and it’s characters went through a lot of evolutions.

Photography is courtesy of Brittany Schloskey and Peter Smith


These were done fairly early in the process, meaning that many of the looks changed and some characters did not appear in the final version! I mostly did these renderings to help myself with figuring out how each actor would transition between characters while utilizing their base look as much as possible.


This is the early research that I presented to the director and playwright.