Passing Strange

Music Director: Jason DeBord

Lighting Designer: Sam Weiser

Costume Designer: Michaela Tanksley

Director: Tiffany Rachelle Stewart

Stage Manager: Sophie Raymer

Set Designer: Justin Lang

Book and Lyrics: Stew

In the fall of 2018 I served as the Stage Manager for the University of Michigan’s production of Passing Strange, directed by Tiffany Rachelle Stewart. Tiffany was a guest director, so part of my work was helping acquaint her with how the University did productions. This show was one of those special ones where everyone involved in the production were incredibly passionate about the work. It was a very actor-based show, with almost all costume changes happening onstage and actors doing their own scene changes. My primary duties involved frequent communications with the shops, helping prepare the rehearsal room, taking blocking, sending nightly rehearsal reports and daily calls, calling the show, among many other things. Here are examples of some of the paperwork I made, as well as photographs of the production courtesy of Justin Lang and Tyler Rivenbark.